Plant Your Energy

Plant Your Energy Character Development Class (PYE)

As an Advisory Board member and Director of Life Skills Development Programs for the Ben Free Project, Cheryl’s contributions will be instrumental in promoting positive change in the lives of incarcerated individuals. Cheryl’s role involves speaking to prison officials about implementing life skills programs in correctional facilities. By advocating for the inclusion of these programs, she helps inmates acquire the necessary skills for personal growth and development, preparing them for successful reintegration into society.

Additionally, as the facilitator for the Plant Your Energy character development life skills class, Cheryl has the opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of inmates. By offering this class virtually to prisons, she provides inmates with a platform to change their thinking patterns and find effective solutions to their problems. Through this class, Cheryl empowers them with valuable tools for personal transformation, ultimately aiming to improve their quality of life and reduce the likelihood of re-offending, thus contributing to the overall mission of reducing recidivism rates. Cheryl’s dedication to helping others and her commitment to fostering positive change are essential components to providing a service that helps change lives. The Ben Free Project plans to acquire funding to publish more Plant Your Energy books and workbooks to give incarcerated citizens the opportunity to benefit from the many of Cheryl’s hard-earned lessons from her two and a half decades behind bars as she trail-blazed a way to an advanced university degree and a self-help program with the real capacity to improve lives.

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