Barz Behind Bars (B³) Artist Workshop w/Garren (B³AW)

Garren is a 3x Grammy-nominated WME singer/songwriter/engineer with 3 Platinum & 2 Gold RIAA certifications, and features with Nas, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Nipsey Hussle.

The B³ Artist Workshop consists of 3 modules:

Module 1 > Songwriting
This workshop will analyze songs from Garren’s catalog, introduce resident creators to Radio/Market formats, BPM/Bar timing structures, Content/Theme, Perspective/Audience, Interludes, Verses, Bridges, Choruses, and Adlibs. Participants will write/develop a complete/original song.

Module 2 > Live Performance
This module will introduce resident creators to the Live PA platform delivery of the completed song they create in Module 1, enables by microphone/amplifier/speakers and staging, emphasizing breath control, pitch, projection, stage presence, and vocal cord maintenance.

Module 3 > Vocal Engineering
This workshop will introduce audio recording tools to resident creators and sound capture participants’ live performance of the original song they write/perform via Modules 1 and 2. Each participant will apply audio engineering software tools to his/her vocal recording and shape the sound, pitch, reverb, echoing, and layering of same, to develop a rendering of the original song.

The B³ workshop endeavors to impart real-world, industry-grade experiential encounters that result in a resident-crafted complete artistic intellectual property vocal manuscript, that becomes copyright registered and distributed to DSPs, via the Ben Free Project nonprofit digital music label Barz Behind Bars (B³) Music, via compilation anthologies that platform carceral creatives, and fund curriculum delivery.

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